I used this company for the first time while my husband and I went to Seattle for the weekend and we were SO pleased with the sitting service. The customer service aspect has been wonderful and they went above and beyond to accommodate us when our plans changed at the last minute which they didn’t have to do. We have been sent updates with photos and videos of our Lilly playing and going on walks. You can tell she’s so happy and really being taken care of which is so important. It’s great to be able to let her stay home rather than in a kennel somewhere. I 100% would recommend Furbabies to everyone!! 

Linsey W.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the care our two dogs got over this thanksgiving week. We were pretty nervous about how our dogs would do with a sitter (they are…unique to say the least) but it all went so smoothly, and they loved their sitter Kate as much as she seemed to enjoy them! We got at least one email a day with photos and very sweet commentary, which totally set my mind at ease. We will DEFINITELY be using this company, and hopefully Kate, again! Highly recommend.

Sarah R.

I can’t say enough good things about Furbabies. I have an American Shorthair and German Shepherd that they care for when I travel. My cat is always ornery when I return home from trips, but I can tell she’s well cared for because she’s always less moody when I get home. They also walk my dog Phoenix during the weekdays when I have to go into the office. I always love getting a cute photo to take my mind off work! I definitely suggest them!

Bailey N.

With my job we travel a lot. I didn’t need a full time dog nanny, but someone who could be there whenever I have to leave town or when we both have long work days. I have three dogs…they are not easy, one is on medication and the other two are hyper. Furbabies was able to find the perfect pet nannies for me. Medication is always administered on time, logged and they are able to run with the two high energy dogs. My husband and I appreciate their helping hand and I know Tamale, Max and Sophie are happy too.

Bree W.

I wanted to share my great experience I’ve had with the girls at Furbabies. They have helped me walk my dogs several times when I was not able and just recently stayed overnight at my house with them while I went to Greece for 9 days. Jenna has been the main person to help me out, but I’ve met Kate too. They both adore Mac and Charlie and their love for animals shows! If you are needing someone great for your animals please give them a try and help a small business out!

Max C.