Pet Errands & Taxi Service Dallas

Conveniently transport your pet everywhere in the area including the airport!

About Our Pet Taxi Service

Furbabies Taxi Service is a reliable and dependable service allows your pet and pet sitter to run all pet errands in an air-conditioned vehicle that is insured. We conveniently transport your pet everywhere in the area including the airport. Your pet can go to all needed errands including grooming, veterinarians, playdates, weddings, and more! After errands, your Furbabies professional can visit with your pet until your return home for an additional fee.

Furbabies Pet Errands and Tax Service is licensed, bonded, and insured. All types of animals including dogs, cats, reptiles, and exotic animals can be transported, transferred, or delivered to any location of your choosing.

How far in advance do I need to book?

A one hour-notice is required to ensure your pet can be transported, however a three hour notice is preferred. We encourage all clients to book early so that we can ensure the best service possible.

Can pet owners ride along with their pets on Pet Taxi trips?

Absolutely! Owners are always welcome to observe or take part in any of our services.

Pet Taxi Policies:

  • One-way or Round-trip transport available within a 10 mile radius from our location.
  • Additional mileage fees apply on top of base rate over 10 miles.
  • Offered 7 days a week, scheduled in advance, or scheduled same day – we can get your pet where they need to be safely and on time.
  • Does not include waiting time if applicable.
  • We require more than 2 or more pets to be in a crate for safety.
  • Leaving and returning at a later time for return trip starts a new Base Fee and new Travel Charge.
  • is used to calculate mileage between your pick-up address and the destination, both ways in the case of round-trip transports – up to 10 miles included in base price.

**Please advise in advance if your pet does not travel in a car well and is prone to getting sick. This will allow us to be prepared in advance for any accidents.

What makes using Furbabies pet errands and tax service different from using a regular taxi?

Our Furbabies taxi drivers are safe, reliable, and courteous. They are also pet professionals! Our service professionals always offer the best in care and attention. We don’t just drive your pet from point a to point b, we make every effort to make sure your pet is stress free, safe, comfortable, and happy.

Additional Services Available for Purchase

Pet Wedding Day Service

Are wedding bells in your pet’s future? No worries! We can get your furry friend to the church on time! We can pick your pet up, dress your pet, make sure they are ready for wedding pictures, and bring them to the ceremony.

Emergency Vet Services

If your pet requires emergency care, we can transport your pet to the closest animal hospital at your request.

***If you need to cancel a Furbabies pet taxi appointment, we ask that you advise us as soon as you know. If we don’t send a driver out to your location, there is no cancellation fee.***


Our rates are customized for each individual family.  It’s our goal to make sure your furbabies have the best experience possible, so we customize a routine to fit each family’s schedule and budget! Contact us today for a free quote!

We offer a variety of services fit for taking care of your beloved fur baby. If you are interested in hiring one of our animal lovers or simply want more information, contact us today! We offer free consultations!

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