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What does ‘in-home pet sitting’ mean?
In-home pet sitting can be defined as a service provided by a company that allows scheduled visits and care for your animals in their home environment. Furbabies provides these custom services to meet your furbaby’s needs and to keep your furbaby on a consistent schedule. Our employees can visit your home as often as requested to ensure your pet is happy at home in your absence. In addition, our Furbabies employees will provide in home services such as collecting the mail, watering plants and switching lights on and off, which will further deter break-ins and burglaries.
Why shouldn’t I board my pet instead of using Furbabies?
At Furbabies, your pet is our number one priority. Your furbaby’s routine, well-being, comfort, and health are important. Boarding your pet in a facility can be a hassle and can cause undue stress both physically and psychologically for your pet. We believe your pet will be happier and healthier in our care.
Is there a limit to pet sitter daily and overnight visits?

Furbabies tries to make sure that we give every client and furbaby the best in care. The least frequent services that Furbabies offers is every second day for caged animals. Our most frequent visitation schedule for pet sitters is at least once per day with an overnight option to best fit the needs of your furbabies. We are always happy to customize a schedule and our services to meet the needs of our clientele.

Are you able to give my pet medication?
All Furbabies employees are trained in how to administer all medications to pets including, but not limited to: liquids, pills, topical medications, allergy shots, sub-q fluids, and liquids.
How do you address sick and injured pets?
At Furbabies, we are committed to you and your pet. If your pet experiences sickness or injury during the course of our care, we will follow protocols listed on our emergency page.
Do you offer grooming and vet visits?
Yes! Furbabies offers a pet taxi service that allows your pet sitter to take your pet to any appointment necessary if we are given 24 hours notice. However, if your pet has an emergency, Furbabies will make every possible attempt to help you and your pet. In addition, your pet sitter is authorized to obtain doctor diagnoses and obtain any medications your pet may need.
Does my dog need to be on a leash if he is off-leash trained?
Yes! Furbabies has a strict leash policy that meets the requirements of local laws.
In case of extreme weather, will my dog be walked outside?
As a client and the parent of a furbaby, you choose what constitutes extreme weather. Consider high temperatures and low temperatures and discuss options with your Furbabies pet sitter. Our employees will do their utmost to ensure the safety and health of your pet in any weather.
Will Furbabies pet sitters pick up my pet’s refuse?
Your Furbabies pet sitter will pick up after your pet in any location, if requested. All litter boxes can be cleaned as well. If your furbaby becomes sick in your home, our pet sitters will also clean up. If special cleaning or extended time is needed for your furbaby or home to be cleaned, there may be additional charges that will be discussed with you.
How does Furbabies handle my keys and access to my home?
In an ideal situation, two keys are given to your sitter. Your keys will be put in a file so that your sitter and a backup sitter will be able to offer you service at any given time. If keys are required to be returned at the end of each visit, charges will be made for key pickups and drop-offs. If a client lives in a community which is gated, clients will need to provide Furbabies pet sitters with an access code.

We offer a variety of services fit for taking care of your beloved fur baby. If you are interested in hiring one of our animal lovers or simply want more information, contact us today! We offer free consultations!

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