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Dog walking is our most popular service!

About Dog Walking

Dog walking is our most popular service! If you are unable to be home for a small amount of time such as a day or for an extended period of time, our Furbabies dog walkers Dallas team will help you and your pet navigate your absence. Furbabies offers services every day of the year from 6am until 11pm. We understand work and family schedules can be stressful, so let us relieve a bit of your stress! We have won multiple awards for dog walking and have a long list of references! Our services are designed exclusively for our clients to provide healthier pet alternatives to boarding companies and kennels. We don’t want your dog to languish in a cage all day in a foreign environment with increased chances of illness. Let us be your dog’s new best exercise buddy! It is scientifically proven that an extra 20 minute walk can boost your dog’s metabolism, immunities, mental, and emotional health. Your dog will be happier and healthier because of your choice to use Furbabies dog walkers Dallas!

Benefits of Dog Walking

Did you know that a daily walk or two can help your pet with weight control, benefit their digestive system, eliminate destructive activities, alleviate hyperactivity, help enforce a sleep schedule, and helps build trust? We know that your dog needs physical activity and quality time built into his/her daily routine. Why not trust Furbabies to keep your pup happy while you take care of business?

Personal Touch

We know your dog is your best friend, your buddy, and your child’s amigo. Let’s face it. Your dog is family. Furbabies dog walkers Dallas wants the best for your pet, just like you do. If you entrust Furbabies with your dog’s care, we can offer you and your pet great service all day, every day. At Furbabies, we believe that every dog deserves love, belly rubs, cuddles and snacks on a daily basis.

Repeating Daily Walks & Visits

At Furbabies dog walkers Dallas, all visits include a walk. Aren’t you tired of rushing home during your lunch break to walk your pet? We’re tired just thinking about the rushing around you do. All visits with a Furbabies dog walkers Dallas sitter are thirty minutes in length and include play time, a walk, exercise, and a snack. We can even feed your pet meals or give them medicine. Recurring walks and daily visits can be set up on a permanent schedule or on a weekly basis. Did you know that your pet will look forward to seeing our pet sitters and will be happier as a result, when you come home? Contact Furbabies dog walkers Dallas for more information! You can book your appointments online, by phone, or in person! Potty break visits are also available for clients who simply need their dog taken outside to do their business. This is a great service for older dogs and dogs that have recently undergone surgery and is not considered a visit with exercise. Don’t worry, your pet’s potty break visits still include plenty of affection and petting! For this service, you must have a fenced in backyard.

Areas We Serve:

Our areas of service include: Addison, Dallas, Farmers Branch, North Grand Prairie, Highland Park, Irving, Richardson & University Park.


Our rates are customized for each individual family.  It’s our goal to make sure your furbabies have the best experience possible, so we customize a routine to fit each family’s schedule and budget! Contact us today for a free quote!


We offer a variety of services fit for taking care of your beloved fur baby. If you are interested in hiring one of our animal lovers or simply want more information, contact us today! We offer free consultations!

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