Backyard Pooper Scooper Service Dallas

Don’t have the time to pickup your dog’s dooty? Hate picking up poop?

About Pooper Scooper Services in Dallas

Furbabies can come to your house for the express purpose of picking up poop. In fact, we specialize in eliminating the hassle of cleaning up after your pet in your yard and in entire communities and neighborhoods. We scoop poop in yards, dog pens, and more. We will double bag the excrement and quickly dispose of it. After each service, our poop scooping professionals disinfect all shoes and equipments to prevent the spread of illness to other animals. We offer weekly and monthly poop scooping services as well as one time cleanups for backyard family events. Keep your yard clean and your family happy, call our pooper scooper team at Furbabies!

Did you know that pet waste can not only ruin your property’s appearance, but also attracts disease and pests? By leaving pet waste in your yard, you are endangering the health of your family, your neighbors, your pets, and other people’s pets. By hiring Furbabies Backyard Pooper Scooper Service, you will enlist our pros to get rid of pet waste off-site. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied!

What does a professional Furbabies Backyard Pooper Scooper do?

Our pooper scoopers can be hired to come to your property and will walk your yard while removing animal waste. We remove the waste and secure your yard. All dog poop is removed without additional charge. Furbabies Backyard Pooper Scooper Service is affordable, convenient, reliable, and environmentally friendly. We make sure that your yard is clean and sanitary at the end of each visit. We even spray our pooper scooper tools and sanitize our shoes so that diseases and bacteria cannot be transferred between yards and pets.

Our Furbabies Backyard Pooper Scooper Service is licensed and insured. We want your pet, your yard, and your home to be smell free and safe. Furbabies specialists also know how to eliminate odors and can use a natural, deodorizing spray to remove odors from lawns and dog runs.

Why Use Furbabies Backyard Pooper Scooper Services?

  • Enjoy a Clean Yard (Your kids will be able to play in your yard).
  • No Payments in Advance (We bill you at the end of every month)
  • No Contracts (You can change your service at any time)
  • Sanitized Equipment and Shoes (For every yard cleanup)
  • Dog Waste Sent to Landfills (No more poo near you)
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Year-Round Service (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)
  • Happy Dog Guarantee or You Get a Re-Doo (If you’re not happy, we’ll come back and clean your yard again).
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Friendly, Professional Team Members That You Know By Name and Know Your Pet(s) By Name.
  • Our Reputation for Customer Service
  • Our Team is Efficient and Fast
  • Your Life Will Be Easier & You Won’t Be Wasting Your Valuable Time.

Pooper Scooper Services Offered by Furbabies:

  • Regular Weekly Cleanup Services
  • Regular Monthly Cleanup Services
  • One-Time Cleanup Service

Do you need a pooper scooper estimate?

No problem! Our Furbabies professional staff is awaiting your phone call or email.


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