Here are some things we LOVE to help with.

Do you like Dog products?  We do too.  We Love places like and for pet related products!

Do you have a new Puppy dog that needs house training?   Of COURSE we want to help!  We Love puppies and Old Dogs of all ages and sizes too though!

What dog food do you use for your kiddo?  We’d love to help choosing, and can provide care to go along with it!  Kibble can be great, and canned or wet food is also an excellent source of nutrition for your dogs diet.  Recently there have been more and more people interested in maintaining a “Raw Food”, or more natural diet.  We can support that too!

What dog breed is your favorite?  We love them all, and are A – OK with helping on any dog breed.   Each pet is different and each personality needs to be considered as an individual.

Dog days of summer?  Whew!!!   Wow it can really get  hot outside right now in Dallas.  But being in the this area it can get super cold too.  Ask us how we ensure safety and comfort during the heat or freezing weather!

Dog grooming?  You bet!  We can help you find, and manage transport for that important part of your pets life.  Do you have a dedicated dog wash in your home?  Or do you give your own Dog baths?  Use our pet taxi service to help manage the logistics of your Pets busy schedule.

What dog park do you prefer?  We have our favorites, but also love to hear from you, and want to know whats best for YOUR fur-baby from you!  Even if we are there to play fetch only.

Have you ever tried Dog training with a Dog whistle?  Its neat how those can work, but its important to be cautious and caring!  What else can dogs hear that we as humans cannot!?  We can also help with Dog leash training too!

We are Dog Whisperer’s too!  There’s not just one.  =)  But everyone and each pet is different.  Its very important to be calm and reassuring with any pet.

What are some of the coolest Dog names you’ve heard?  Whats your original and or funny Dog’s name?